Commercial Landscaping & Parking Lot Maintenance

Capital Events Testimonial

We recently expanded our business and were in the process of transitioning into our new space and realized we suddenly had the need to fill a large empty space in our new warehouse. We had recently acquired a building that had been used for gymnastics and there had been a huge ball-pit that was left empty. Not wanting to leave that potential space unusable, we knew we had to figure out a solution. Luckily, Justin was quick to assess our problem and absolutely professional in the process, as well. The turn around from Justin and his team was amazing, and so was the quality of the job.

We have since hired him for other jobs and are so thankful for the relationship we have built with his company. The quality of his work is a reflection of someone who has not only been doing work like his for a while, but of someone who also knows what they are doing and who enjoys it, too. That quality of work is priceless.

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